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PopUp Attack 2 Is Out!

2009-11-04 02:34:42 by kokonut10

Play it here you fools!

New game!

2009-09-18 22:33:24 by kokonut10

Play it! It's called The Journey. You can find it here.


2009-08-08 03:04:56 by kokonut10

Button Masher 2 is gone, but I'm planning a new small game that involves the mouse wheel! Keep an eye out for that! :D

Button Masher 2

2009-06-18 01:45:04 by kokonut10

Has been started and will be released later this year! If you haven't played the first, play it here.


My current project

2009-04-16 03:57:34 by kokonut10

Due for release in 2009 sometime. It's a typing game. Please let me know what you think of the preview pic. :)

My current project

During my holidays I will be planning a new Mystery of the Circles game. Just thought I'd let you know to get your hopes up. :)


2009-02-21 09:05:28 by kokonut10

A platformer with a difference...YOU control the platforms. I have a few gameplay mechanic tests up on my deviantART page if you wish to take a look. :)

New game in the works!

2009-02-10 02:05:12 by kokonut10

I can't give much away, just in case I get your hopes up and I cancel the project, but I can say this: it involves pop ups. Lots and lots of pop ups.

dA Clickable Emote Tutorial

2009-02-03 23:48:53 by kokonut10

Hey, just letting you know that I made a tutorial for deviantART users on how to make emoticons take you to different web pages when clicked. I submitted it, mainly for all the dA users on NG, so don't whinge because you don't have a deviantART account or if it was of any use to you. I don't care.
But if you do have a dA account, and want to learn about this extremely simple trick, click the below link and get learnin'!

Clicky clicky!

Big lawls

2009-02-01 00:49:57 by kokonut10

I created this in my spare time. It is also viewable on my deviantART page.
Please comment! :(

Big lawls